How Much Does a DAM Cost?

Digital asset management is an invaluable long-term investment for any organisation looking for a solution to store, manage and share digital files.  

 There are many factors that influence the cost of a DAM system. Here, we will go into the key components that influence the price of a DAM system and what to look out for to ensure you make the right decision for your business.  

What factors influence the price of a DAM system?  

When it comes to choosing a DAM system, there are a few considerations that will influence the cost:  


There’s nothing worse than reaching the limit of user access, especially in a growing organisation. More users mean more security measures, permission-level access for collaboration privileges and more coverage over administration. Most DAM vendors charge for user access as it increases but will usually only account for a small allocation of cost. 

Meanwhile, there are DAM vendors who do not set a cap on the number of users so the DAM system can expand as the business evolves.  


Whether you have hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of digital assets, storage capacity is one of the biggest cost factors. If the storage capacity increases, it will inevitably impact the cost of your DAM system.  

The cost for storage depends on the type of DAM system you have. If you have an on-premises system, it will increase bandwidth costs for uploads and downloads. If you have a Cloud-based platform, it will increase the cloud-hosting costs. 

Some DAM vendors offer additional offline storage to store larger raw and complex file types before transcoding them into smaller content-ready formats. This also allows users to store a wide range of file types suitable for any MarTech stack.  

Secure, expandable storage can be costly if you have a sizable digital asset collection, but the convenience is worth it. Also, because Cloud-based DAM systems are expandable, you only have to pay for the storage you need. 

Cloud-based or on-premises

Cloud-based and on-premises systems both incur costs in different ways. A Cloud-based platform will cost less because users will only need to pay for cloud hosting. Another perk of Cloud-based systems is they are subscription-based so you only need to pay for what you need.

On the other hand, on-premises systems have a one-time fee paid upfront with a higher deployment cost. While there are benefits to having on-premises DAM systems, they can be harder to scale and leave all maintenance actionable in-house. Meanwhile, Cloud-based DAM systems tend to be more holistic regarding the services and support the vendors provide.  


The features are what drive the overall usability and value of the DAM system. Your standard features will include metadata and tagging, advanced search level functions, level of customisation, data storage compliance measures and direct support. The more advanced or inclusive they are, the more costly they will be.  

Some DAM providers offer video and image editing capabilities, provide Australian-based data storage and intuitive natural language search functions to empower users. This means, greater efficiency and fast, easy access and management of assets. The features may increase the cost, but they contribute to the overall ROI – and you can’t put a price on value.  


The investment into your DAM system extends beyond the software. Services like onboarding and tagging, training and large file upload are what turn your DAM system into an end-to-end solution. These may be included in an onboarding retainer during implementation before entering into a subscription-based pricing model. 

Opting for additional services may seem like an unnecessary expenditure, but it’s important to remember that they are there to ensure a seamless experience. It will save money, time and resources in the future. 


Customisation requires custom coding, building out intuitive search functions, rich metadata, implementing security or data compliance measures and tailoring the layout to your brand. It’s hard to say how much customisation will affect the price, as this depends on the level of customisation you need or how much your DAM vendor provides.  

Some DAM vendors completely tailor the layout to the needs of the organisation while others are built upon a standardised template. Either way, customisation shapes the DAM system into an easy to use collaborative space for all users. The more complex this needs to be will dictate how much cost you will incur. 

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What is included in the set-up fees?

Setups are open to interpretation between DAM vendors depending on what they offer as inclusions. Most will charge for implementation for services such as:  

  • Server configuration (for on-premises)  
  • Brand application  
  • Building out metadata schemas 
  • Tagging implementation 
  • Initial asset migration 
  • Layout customisation
  • Building out intuitive search functions 

Some DAM vendors will also offer onboarding and training while some will not charge for setup and leave the majority of admin work for the users.  

Setup fees are usually priced within a retainer payment – they may seem costly, but they take away a bulk of the admin work – saving money, time and resources over time.  


The importance of finding the right DAM system for your business 

on premise DAM

The right DAM system for your business empowers teams to be agile and efficient within a centralised and cohesive workspace platform. This means fast, secure access for any user from any device to access and share a range of file formats across images, videos and raw files.  

Research your DAM vendors reputation, client base and reviews to compare against their competitors. Your DAM system not only needs to streamline a collaborative workspace but also needs to evolve with your business. 

Let the features drive your decision; cost aside, a DAM system should provide a tailored solution to digital asset management across all teams.   


Find a full-service DAM solution

The hard work of ingesting, sourcing, transcoding, tagging, metadata, converting and placing digital assets often falls onto the users to juggle and manage. Instead, a full-service DAM system combines the features of a software with essential services that take away congesting administration tasks.  

A full-service DAM system not only ensures secure storage of digital assets but a system that will evolve with your business to drive growth and efficiency within a single platform. This allows users to have access to a holistic end-to-end solution to digital asset management without any of the hard work.  


Why choose Collaboro for your DAM system?

Collaboro is an Australian Cloud-based DAM solution that empowers your teams to do more. Our DAM platform will centralise all your digital assets, making it easier for your teams to organise, find and share all your digital media files, in one place, from anywhere.

But a successful DAM solution requires more. This is where Collaboro brings local Australian expertise and support services to provide a customised end-to-end solution.

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