DAM Adoption: How To Guarantee The Success Of Your DAM

Anyone can implement a DAM system, but implementing one successfully – that’s a different story. 

Implementing DAM software is no easy feat, it’s a substantial project that requires a lot of time and effort to keep it running smoothly.  

And without the right support, processes and onboarding procedures in place, your DAM software can easily become an unorganised, untagged mess destined for failure. 

So, to guarantee the success of your DAM solution, you’ll need to familarise yourself with the ins and outs of what makes successful DAM software tick.  

Let’s dive in.

The Right Vendor Makes All The Difference – Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Some DAM vendors only supply the software, leaving the bulk of the implementation, onboarding and troubleshooting processes to fall on the shoulders of you, the client. And this is often where systems and processes start to unravel.  

That’s why choosing a DAM vendor that takes care of the nitty-gritty aspects of pre, during and post implementation is so important for the success of your DAM software.  

Let’s look at why choosing a hands-on DAM vendor like Collaboro will not only guarantee successful implementation and adoption of your DAM software, but it’s long term success as well.  

1. They’ll Tailor Their Platform To Suit Your Business

Every business is unique, so it only makes sense that your DAM software is too.  

A DAM platform that lacks the adequate customisations and integrations for your business is destined to fail. That’s why finding a vendor that takes the time to tailor their software to your businesses needs and requirements is crucial for its long-term success.  

What Collaboro Can Do 

Collaboro works with your business to build your DAM platform from the ground up.  

We’ll collect information from your teams regarding existing software and processes, company terminology, key challenges, search terms and abbreviations – the lot. We’ll then plan and build out the appropriate metadata, schema lines, naming conventions and folder structures to suit.  

The result is an entirely bespoke DAM software that perfectly fits into existing workflows and language functions. And when users can easily adapt to a new DAM system using familiar language and processes, they’re more likely to adopt the software with open arms.  

Quick tip: Collaboro takes on the brunt of the implementation process by migrating, uploading and ingesting assets, as well as taking care of the entire configuration set up.

2. They’ll Support You Before, During And After DAM Implementation 

On average, the DAM implementation process takes between 4-14 weeks from sign off to full integration.  

After this, some vendors will simply provide you with their software and an instruction manual, leaving the brunt of onboarding, training and troubleshooting for the client to figure out themselves.  

What Collaboro Can Do 

While some DAM vendors take a step back once implementation is complete, Collaboro does the opposite. We do more of the doing, immersing ourselves in the on-going admin and support of your DAM system.  

After your DAM software is set up, we’ll continue to schedule regular check-ins and meetings to perform any troubleshooting and ensure your software is running smoothly.  

For businesses, having this reachable contact that speaks the language of your business is invaluable.  

3. They’ll Take Care Of Ongoing DAM Maintenance

One thing businesses often fail to consider when implementing a DAM solution is the ongoing admin work they require in order to work effectively. And more often than not, the users of your system do not want, or simply do not have time to be digital asset managers.  

That’s why it is so important to source a DAM vendor that takes care of the admin tasks your employees lack the time for. As without this continuous admin work, your DAM system can quickly become an unorganised, untagged mess of digital assets.   

What Collaboro Can Do 

Collaboro acts as a custodian for your digital files. We take care of tasks like ingesting, sorting, transcoding, uploading and tagging – admin processes vital for the long-term success of your DAM software. A vendor that takes care of these admin processes, businesses can enjoy the great outcomes of a DAM system, without all the hard work – it’s a win-win. 

Quick tip: A DAM provider that streamlines admin tasks gives you more time to focus on what’s important to your business.

4. They’ll Help Train Your Employees

Employee training is a driving force for successful DAM adoption, providing users with the confidence and tools they need to use the software effectively.  That’s why it’s so important to select a DAM vendor that is invested in provided ongoing, hands-on training for your employees, rather than just handing them an instruction manual.  

What Collaboro Can Do 

Collaboro eases the DAM adoption process for employees, providing continuous training throughout the implementation phase and beyond. We’ll organise regular, practical training sessions with your employees on how to use DAM software and how to make it work best for their individual needs.  

This means employees, new or existing, are never left in the dark regarding DAM software and how to use it.  

Quick tip: Collaboro provides your business with a dedicated account manager, so you’ll always have a reachable contact when questions arise.

5. They’ll Streamline Workflows

If your DAM platform isn’t compatible with existing software, it can chew into valuable resources and productivity, making it less appealing for employees to embrace.  

What Collaboro Can Do 

Collaboro adopts a best-in-breed approach when it comes to DAM integrations.  By seamlessly fitting into existing processes and workflows, Collaboro’s DAM eliminates the need to switch between different programs and interfaces that don’t work cohesively.  We can easily integrate our DAM software into your existing programs, CMS’, MarTech stacks and more, streamlining workflows and reducing the learning curve for employees.  

In Summary 

Collaboro is with you every step of the way, taking care of the things that matter like DAM setup, migration, configuration and training. It is this dedicated, tailored approach that ensures your DAM software not only solves key pain points in the short term, but acts as a long term solution for your business.  

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I’ve Chosen A Great Vendor – What Else Can I Do To Guarantee DAM Success?

If you’ve already secured yourself a reliable DAM vendor, you might be wondering what else you can do to encourage your employees to adopt DAM with open arms.  

This includes: 

Get Employees Excited About DAM

One of the greatest challenges when rolling out a new DAM system is motivating your employees to actually use it.  

Users tend to be more open to software changes if they know how it will directly benefit their day-to-day workflows. If you fail to get your employees excited about the benefits DAM can offer, they’ll never adopt the software wholeheartedly.  

So how can you get your employees excited about DAM? 

One of the best ways you can do so is assign team member/s to champion the DAM effort. These team members will help educate their colleagues on the benefits of DAM, its processes and answer any subsequent questions. 

Encourage Ongoing Feedback

While you can put all the important features in place to ensure the success of your DAM, its adoption is ultimately determined by its users. This means encouraging employees to voice their opinions, good or bad, on your DAM software and how it works.  

By encouraging feedback, you can identify ways your system might need to improve and what features are working well. This gives employees a sense of ownership and contribution to the overall DAM effort.  

Why Choose Collaboro for your DAM System?

Collaboro is an Australian Cloud-based DAM solution that empowers your teams to do more. Our DAM platform will centralise all your digital assets, making it easier for your teams to organise, find and share all your digital media files, in one place, from anywhere.  

But a successful DAM solution requires more. This is where Collaboro brings local Australian expertise and support services to provide a customised end-to-end solution. 

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