Our Story

Hunting under desks, sifting through boxes, searching through USBs… back in our glamourous advertising days, it felt like this is how we’d spend far too much of our time.

What were we looking for? Files.

Images, videos, raw footage, artwork… it all seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at once. And we realised we weren’t alone. All over ad-land people were spending more time looking for their content, than they were creating it. That just didn’t seem right.

To add to this, we were in the midst of the digital revolution; all around us channels, platforms and partnerships were exploding. This raised two alarming questions:

How much time is wasted chasing files, reshooting footage or recreating artwork?
How many of these high-value assets get lost?

Someone needed to step in and take control of the increasingly fragmented marketing industry.

So, we did.

Collaboro isn’t just another digital asset management solution, it’s a complete service that solves an escalating problem, making clients’ and agencies lives easier. By reducing hassle and increasing efficiency, brands regain control of their valuable creative assets and that delivers a real marketing benefit.

Collaboro gives the most appropriate team, easy access to the right content, so they can get messages into market, faster. Our vision is to enable marketing teams to outperform and create better work – all at the speed of content.


We work with global brands, home-grown business and every type of creative agency, but they all have one thing in common. They didn’t realise managing their digital assets was such hard work – until we showed them how easy it could be.

Our clients are smart, forward thinking industry leaders. They understand that when time equals money, a solution that saves them both becomes a game-changing business advantage.

When teams Collaboro, they free time, budget and creativity to concentrate on the things that really matter. And that’s when brilliant work happens.