The solution

Offline DAM archive

Australia’s leading brands trust Collaboro:

Establish an organizational structure to manage multiple clients

Solves asset lifecycle & regulatory data retention issues.

Stored in a purpose-built media archive facility offsite.

Risk & Compliance Solution

Provides a massively scalable environment needed to store raw image and video assets.

Offline archive

Just because you don’t need access to your brand’s content right now, doesn’t mean it should be stored away, unreachable, never to be seen again.

The Collaboro offline archive is a highly secure, highly stable Media-Focused archive. We will prepare and archive all digital data presented to us, to 2 x geographically separated LTO tapes.

  1. One will be stored in a purpose-built media archive facility offsite.
  2. The second copy will be stored securely at Collaboro HQ – ready for immediate restoration of raw media when requested. This will mean archival retrievals will be measured in hours, not days. Our archival process includes a web-viewable complete directory listing of each drive or media container ever given to us – so you will always have absolute clarity of everything you have in our archive, without having to restore it.

What this means for you:

  • Low cost, high stability
  • Brand history protection
  • Risk & Compliance solution
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Reduce your cloud-hosting costs

Our team will store the original large version of the assets in our offline archive as we receive them. Then (if required) we’ll convert & transcode those larger assets into smaller “content-ready” formats that can be more easily saved in the cloud platform, and are good for use for just about any marketing purpose. This process reduces our customers cloud hosting costs considerably. Users in the cloud-platform can easily retrieve the original larger version of the asset if they require.


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