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Australia’s leading brands trust Collaboro:

Assistance uploading & collating assets from our world class support team.

On-boarding and guidance from our DAM experts.

Bespoke client thesaurus & Meta data population

Data structuring to help you manage your ever growing content library

More easily search, find and share your files when you need them

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Onboarding and Tagging

Staff turnover and inefficiencies between staff can lead to assets not being uploaded and incorrect or lazy tagging.

Service is our key component.

We engage with you and your third party suppliers to ensure all your media assets flow into the Collaboro Platform. Our service continues to work with you and your suppliers to migrate existing and aged assets – so nothing is lost or tagged incorrectly.

Our meta-data and tagging process is unique to Collaboro.

Using a combination of human smarts and AI technology meta-data is added to each creative asset; Project-wide production and talent information, call sheet detail ,individual asset and file information, alongside a raft of AI driven insights object keywords, transcription and other layers.

The practical outcome is that our clients have an ever growing library of content-ready and market-ready creative assets – all the video, image and layered art assets they have ever commissioned or created. And all of it easily surfaced, easily explored and easily used.

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So what exactly is tagging?


Collaboro tags your digital files automatically with data (keywords and information) that helps identify your files when searching for them at a later stage. The real value in a DAM solution comes from the ability to find your content, not just store it…

Collaboro has 9 levels of tagging. Using both Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to tag your content gives you the most intelligently tagged content possible – the kinds of tagging handled by the collaboro system: file information, product metadata, basic object recognition, talent usage & copyright information, customer-centric words, on-screen character recognition, audio transcripts.

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