The 10 Most Important DAM Features

Digital asset management (DAM) is becoming an integral part of asset management strategies across multiple industries. It takes away the tedious task of uploading, managing and switching between programs to deliver a single secure platform to locate, edit and distribute assets.  

Organisations are turning to vendors to deliver on a range of features to meet the demand for fast access and seamless functionality within a solution-based platform. Luckily, we have gathered the 10 most important DAM features to consider when you choose your DAM system 

Top 10 DAM Features

digital asset management

The right DAM system is an ongoing investment for any organisation. It needs to evolve with the business, align with your MarTech stack and streamline workflows across different departments. Here are the top 10 most important features to look out for:  

1. User Experience (UX)

The purpose of a DAM system is to streamline workflows and make assets readily available to all users. Intuitive interfaces are all about creating a solution for all internal and external teams to easily access files within one centralised platform.  

Some DAM vendors offer advanced search functions customised to your organisation’s internal language. Having an easy-to-use, intuitive interface simplifies the user adoption process throughout implementation and subsequently solves bottleneck time delays.  

2. Integration Capability

Integration is all about allowing users to interact with the DAM system to use, edit and distribute assets seamlessly with existing platforms. DAM systems need to work cohesively with existing work infrastructures without demanding too much deviation from current workflows.  

Integration capability across MarTech stacks, CMS’s and Review & Approval processes require a DAM system to not only facilitate access to files but also to keep your brand agile. This increases productivity, streamlines workflows and secures brand compliance.

3. Security

Permission-level access is essential for any organisation. Control over what users can access to view, upload and collaborate files is what separates DAM systems from other storage systems. Global enterprises, education facilities and government organisations are examples that require top-level security in a DAM system to ensure assets and brand compliance remain secure.  

4. File Formatting

Catering for multiple file-formats across images, videos, documents and media is crucial for a successful DAM system. Organisations will inevitably expand and evolve as technology advances, requiring their DAM system to evolve as well. Without file format restrictions, users can easily manipulate assets without the need for additional software.  

5. Automation

Working hand-in-hand with user experience, automating processes stabilises workflows through a centralised platform to locate, edit, re-purpose and distribute digital assets. Automation is pivotal for an efficient work environment, allowing users to collaborate content across different departments, remotely and with external teams. It not only saves on resource expenditure but also cuts out the frustration of time delays and congesting workflows.  

6. Metadata

With thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of digital assets, metadata tagging is crucial to seamlessly locate files. Tagging each file with keywords, copyright information, object recognition, talent usage and file information provides a solution to finding content. Intricate metadata tagging is invaluable for streamlining the entire workflow. No more wasting time and resources hunting down, losing or recreating files.  

7. File Previews 

The little things go a long way. Visible file previews are a must-have for users to view and manipulate file content in all its formats.  

8. Shareability

Instantly sharing large file types allows users to send assets through branded portals so you can re-purpose and distribute assets instantly and seamlessly. Sharing files via URLs and share links easily between departments, agencies or other external teams is a must for any successful DAM system.  

9. Customisation 

A DAM system is a long-term investment, providing a current end-to-end solution for digital assets and the future. A completely customised, easy to use interface lowers the learning curve and provides a platform capable of evolving with the organisation and its digital assets. It also provides a tailored platform unique to your brand and secures brand agility across all departments. 


Scalability is essential for organisations that require easily expandable storage and is why Cloud platforms are in more demand. Some vendors provide additional offline storage for larger raw or complex files before transcoding them into content-ready formats. This means lower cloud-hosting costs and a wider range of file format compatibility.  

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Features are important, but don’t forget about services 


Vendor services are the point of difference between DAM systems, turning the system into an all-round solution. Onboarding & tagging services, direct support, local data storage and offline storage solutions ensure the best possible outcomes in user experience and ROI. 

They not only alleviate the stress on continuous admin work but it allows users to re-invest resources, time and money into focusing on the content rather than its maintenance. 

Quick Tip: Choose a vendor that offers a range of services such as large file upload & data collection services to ensure your DAM system is an all-encompassing solution to digital asset management.  

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But a successful DAM solution requires more. This is where Collaboro brings local Australian expertise and support services to provide a customised end-to-end solution.

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