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Designed specifically with Australian Media Owners in mind:

Faster access for remote workers

De-risks business against losing and replacing content & digital assets

Flexible security, permissions and controls

Ability to store, find, re-purpose, share and use assets much easier and quicker

Easier access for all users to content i.e. working files, production assets, masters – no more gatekeeper

Teams get their valuable time back – we remove the workload associated with storing , uploading, & tagging assets

Local Data
Local Support
Local Knowledge

Collaboro is an Australian Macquarie Cloud Services Partner.

All Infrastructure and hosting is located in local Macquarie Cloud Services data centres. All support is on shore.

This ensures the best possible speed, support, uptime and user experience.

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Cloud Platform

The Collaboro Cloud Platform is a complete digital asset management platform encompassing metadata, search, share, transcode and download functionality.

Ongoing Management

We engage with you and your third party suppliers to ensure all your media assets flow into the Collaboro Platform. Our service continues to work with you and your suppliers to migrate existing and aged assets – so nothing is lost or tagged incorrectly.

Onboarding and Tagging

The practical outcome is that our clients have an ever-growing library of content-ready and market-ready creative assets – all the video, image and layered art assets they have ever commissioned or created. And all of it easily surfaced, easily explored and easily used.

Enterprise Service & Support

As part of the service assets are; converted and transcoded, uploaded and ingested, have their meta data applied, are tagged, viewed and verified – then saved and filed in both physical and cloud based storage for ease of access without compromising cost or security.

Australian based data storage

You’re based in Australia, so your files should be too. All of your data, uploaded, transferred, managed, and stored locally. When something goes wrong – can your business afford to wait for a US-based help desk to respond to your support ticket?

Offline Storage

The Collaboro offline archive is a highly secure, highly stable Media-Focused archive. We will prepare and archive all digital data presented to us, to 2 x geographically separated LTO tapes.

The Problem

The Issue

No centralised and easy way to find, share, re-purpose and use assets (incl remote workers)​

​Teams cannot surface, use, repurpose, and share relevant content quickly.​

​Compounding time, resource, storage and risk costs.

The Cause

Lots of content is stored in multiple locations i.e. servers, thumb drives, hard drives, various online sharing platforms.​

​The content is too large (hence, expensive) to store in the cloud.​

​Lack of structure, taxonomy, metadata attached to assets, hence a lack of search capability. No permission based, image and video library.

The Effect

Inability to work remotely at full capacity. Lots of tasks are unable to be completed without being in the office. Teams are not as efficient as they could be (i.e. sales, marketing, PR etc).​

​Compounding loss-risk of historically significant media, assets, and knowledge. This also compounds content chaos that is slowing down the sales team and their sales cadence.​

​Duplication of production/creation, due to lost assets – budget, time and effort lost.


Common issues that effect
the media industry

Issue 1

Duplicated production

Your teams are re-creating the same/similar documents & assets over-and-over mean isn’t an efficient way to utilise your teams time and resource.

Collaboro makes it quicker to find and search for documents so the teams can re-purpose them with ease!

Issue 2

Marketing teams can become a bottleneck for other teams & partners to access & use digital assets easily

Permission based self-service is the solution to democratising your content (with controls of course).

Issue 3

Ensuring assets are easily searchable requires loads of admin

Collaboro aims to take all the admin and hard work off your hands (i.e. tagging, uploading, ingesting, converting, metadata etc.).

Collaboro`s point of difference

alone is not a

We`re not just software; we combine people
platform and process to provide you an all round solution


A combination of cloud hosting and archival storage that:

  • reduces hosting costs.
  • solves assetlifecycle & regulatory data retention.
  • reduced risk with multiple secured environments.
  • provides the massively scalable environment needed to store video and image raw capture files.
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