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More than DAM software, we offer a full solution.

Collaboro’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform streamlines workflows to empower teams to do more with their digital assets.

Find, edit, collaborate and distribute digital media files from a single, secure centralised ecosystem from any device, anywhere.

A successful DAM solution is more than just great software. Collaboro brings local Australian expertise and ongoing support to provide a bespoke end-to-end solution.

Our client success stories:

“As well as the software doing exactly what it said it did and doing it well, the customer service/client interaction was the highlight and how despite not being by any means, their only client, at times you felt like you were.”

Digital Content Manager
University Sector

“The Collaboro platform ensures that my teams are now in full control of all the creative work we’ve ever created. All our assets are now centralised in one place, and can be easily accessed by not only my internal teams, but all our third-party collaborators and producers. The platform is user-friendly, and the customer support we receive is 2nd to none. Collaboro’s unique multi-tiered storage solution has saved us loads in cloud-hosting costs too. I highly recommend this business.”

Head of Consulting
Marketing and Advertising

“Collaboro has evolved as our industry and business needs have. As a software solution, it has been easy to use and has ensured we have an accessible, centralised source of truth. What I most like about this product is the people behind it, who have a deep understanding of our industry.”

Marketing Operations Director
Advertising Agency

Australian owned, operated, and compliant.

Collaboro is an Australian-based enterprise DAM solution that provides world-class technology, combined with local service and data storage. Like you, we understand the trust that comes from working with a local business and the data compliance benefits associated.

Australia’s best Digital Asset Management Solution (DAM)

As a single source of truth, Digital Asset Management solves the maddening problem of unorganised digital files. Collaboro’s DAM solution gives users the freedom to collaborate, edit and distribute digital assets from any device across multiple teams, departments and channels. With instantaneous access, up-to-date searches, rich metadata and scalable storage, DAM is an invaluable solution to empower teams and end digital asset lifecycle and retention issues.

  • What is Digital Asset Management?

    Digital Asset Management is an advanced storage platform to house any business’s digital asset library. This may include documents, raw files, videos, images, licencing files, contracts or any on-brand content. It’s secure, convenient, intuitive and expandable.

    Digital Asset Management systems are uniquely customised to ensure users can efficiently search, edit, collaborate and distribute digital assets from a single source of truth. As a result, digital assets remain secure, up-to-date and easy to find without the risk of asset loss or duplication. Find out more about what Digital Asset Management is and what it can do for your business.

  • What is Cloud Based Digital Asset Management?

    Cloud-based Digital Asset Management is a centralised ecosystem hosted in a secure network via a web browser. Cloud-based configuration allows for a collaborative sharing platform for users to edit, re-purpose and share in any format when they need it.

    It combines searchability, metadata, transcoding and download functionality within a single platform accessible from any device. Here’s everything you need to know and more about Cloud-based DAM.

  • Why is it important to have an Australian based DAM?

    Choosing an Australia-based DAM means all your data and support is kept local and accessible. With all infrastructure and hosting located in local Microsoft Azure data centres, your data is kept safe, secure and on-shore. You will also have access to a local support team and a dedicated account manager to provide 24/7 advice. This means the best possible speed and user experience without waiting around for international help desks.

    Learn more about what Collaboro’s Australian based data storage mean for your digital asset storage.

  • How do I choose the right DAM system?

    There are hundreds of DAM systems available, so it’s important to find a solution that suits your business and needs. The right DAM solution will streamline workflows within a bespoke, expandable online environment.

    Look out for features such as scalable storage, an intuitive interface and best-in-breed software to allow the freedom to store digital assets without disrupting existing workflows. Above all, the right DAM system should encompass a holistic experience for the user from onboarding and training to ongoing 24/7 support. Learn more about how to choose a DAM system.

  • What are the most important DAM features?

    Advanced level features allow for a seamless process from start to finish. Features like intuitive interfaces to enhance user experience, metadata and top-level security are must-haves in a DAM system.

    Flashy features are one thing, but the right DAM system also encompasses ongoing support, measurable ROI and the ability to integrate with existing internal systems. The best DAM features take away the tedious day-to-day tasks of managing, switching and uploading digital assets between programs. Discover more about the most important DAM features for your business.

  • What level of support can I expect from Collaboro?

    While some DAM vendors only provide the software and a user guide, Collaboro provides a full-service DAM solution for each business according to their needs. This means offering a best-in-breed software that seamlessly integrates with your MarTech stack and tailors the user experience to your business’s internal language.

    DAM systems require ongoing maintenance, asset tagging and updates, while users need ongoing training and support. Collaboro will facilitate onboarding procedures, training and ongoing 24/7 support with a dedicated account manager.

  • What is multi-tiered storage?

    Multi-tiered storage is the combination of both cloud and offline platforms to store digital assets. While Cloud platforms are scalable and secure, an additional platform provides users with the extra space to house larger, raw files until they are ready to be formatted into a smaller size suitable for upload.

    Having a multi-tiered storage system not only solves asset lifecycle and regulatory data retention issues but also significantly saves businesses’ extra cloud-hosting costs.

  • Why are onboarding and tagging important?

    Without onboarding and tagging services, it’s easy for tasks to slip through the cracks. Whether it’s facilitating the implementation, providing training and support or uploading digital assets, it’s important to have continuing support throughout process.

    Collaboro provides an end-to-end solution by taking away the burden of administrative tasks by facilitating the onboarding process, including tagging digital assets with rich metadata. As a result, businesses have access to a library of content-ready creative assets ready for edit, collaboration and distribution. Find out more about what we do.

  • What is offline storage?

    Sometimes, raw files, videos and outdoor deliverables are too large to upload to the cloud. Offline storage provides users with a separate, highly secure additional archive to store large or raw media files without chewing into cloud-hosting costs and storage space. This allows for raw files and videos to be archived before transcoding and converting them into a content-ready format.

    Discover more about Collaboro’s offline storage solution.

  • Who uses Digital Asset Management systems?

    With many organisations vastly accumulating digital assets, there is now a heavy demand for fast, easy-to-find content. DAM systems streamline workflows across multiple workflows, agencies and departments with an influx of digital assets, a need for high-level security and advanced-level organisation. As such, retail/eCommerce, marketing teams, government organisations, construction and real estate industries all utilise DAM systems to store, manage and distribute content.

    Find out more about who uses DAM systems and how it can transform the way industries manage their content.


World-leading data storage

The Collaboro Cloud Platform is a complete digital asset management platform encompassing meta data, search, share, transcode and download functionality.

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Large File Storage

Collaboro is Australia’s only DAM service to convert your video to content-ready versions before uploading it to the cloud.

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Service and support

You’re based in Australia, so your files should be too. When something goes wrong – can your business afford to wait for a US-based help desk to respond to your support ticket?

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Onboarding and tagging

Rounding up and tracking down assets is half the battle to keeping your content under control. We are the only DAM Service in Australia to offer Enterprise Brands a Data Collection Service.

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15+ Countries

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