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Collaboro combines People, Process and Platform: delivering you Australia’s only full service Digital Asset Management solution.

We store and manage your digital media assets in a serviced environment. Video masters and rushes, images, layered art, PDFs and documents are all collated using bespoke meta data fields and keywords and we do the hard work of ingesting, on-boarding, collation, archiving and management for you.

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DAM software is never a solution on it’s own – its the same as buying a hammer and hoping it will build a wall… The hammer is just a tool, and requires a skilled tradesman to get the intended outcome. Ask yourself:

  • Will agency partners convert, upload and tag assets they create for me?
  • Do my internal teams have the time (or skills) to upload, sort and tag assets they create?
  • Who is going to convert and upload that 3TB dataset the video guys sent us?
  • How do we manage the risk and compliance of talent, usage & copyright?
  • Who is going to help manage the avalanche of media asset data being commissioned and created?
  • What is our migration strategy when we change ad agencies?

Implementing a DAM without addressing these key issues will leave you with a fragmented asset pool, lost assets and wasted time searching for content.

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We work directly with your internal teams, your agencies and your production partners to deliver you clarity, agility, control and efficiency across you exponentially growing media asset pool.


We are Australia’s only DAM service to provide an integrated 3-part solution to managing your content.

Find out more about our 3 part solution.

Part 1:


The Collaboro Cloud Platform is a complete digital asset management platform encompassing meta data, search, share, transcode and download functionality. In the simplest terms, this means your media assets can be found easily, downloaded in the formats you need and shared with others in the formats they require.

  • Partnered with Microsoft Azure
  • Compatible with any O/S
  • Access via desktop, mobile & tablet
  • Data hosted in Australia
  • Robust User Permissions Engine
  • API driven for maximum integration capability
Part 2:


Just because you don’t need access to your brand’s content right now, doesn’t mean it should be stored away, unreachable, never to be seen again.

The Collaboro offline archive is a highly secure, highly stable Media-Focused archive. We will prepare and archive all digital data presented to us, to 2 x geographically separated LTO tapes.

  1. One will be stored in a purpose-built media archive facility offsite.
  2. The second copy will be stored securely at Collaboro HQ – ready for immediate restoration of raw media when requested. This will mean archival retrievals will be measured in hours, not days. Our archival process includes a web-viewable complete directory listing of each drive or media container ever given to us – so you will always have absolute clarity of everything you have in our archive, without having to restore it.
  • Low cost, high stability
  • Long term focus
  • Brand history protection
  • Risk & Compliance solution
Part 3:


Staff turnover and inefficiencies between staff can lead to assets not being uploaded and incorrect or lazy tagging.

Service is our key component.

We engage with you and your third party suppliers to ensure all your media assets flow into the Collaboro Platform. Our service continues to work with you and your suppliers to migrate existing and aged assets – so nothing is lost or tagged incorrectly.


Our meta-data and tagging process is unique to Collaboro. Using a combination of human smarts and AI technology meta-data is added to each creative asset; Project-wide production and talent information, call sheet detail ,individual asset and file information, alongside a raft of AI driven insights object keywords, transcription and other layers.

The practical outcome is that our clients have an ever growing library of content-ready and market-ready creative assets – all the video, image and layered art assets they have ever commissioned or created. And all of it easily surfaced, easily explored and easily used.

  • Uploading & collating assets
  • On-boarding
  • Bespoke client thesaurus
  • Data structuring
  • Meta data population
  • Ever growing content library
  • Search, find and share

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