Who Uses Digital Asset Management Systems?

Digital assets without proper categorisation can quickly turn into chaos. Digital asset management introduces a method to the madness of digital asset organisation. As a single source of truth, DAM systems efficiently organise volumes of digital files within a seamless user-friendly structure. 

Organisations with masses of digital assets need scalable structure and organisation to meet deadlines and client demands. From start-ups to larger corporations, DAM systems maintain and manage digital asset collections of any size.

What is a Digital Asset?

A digital asset is any file, document or licence within a digital format created or owned by an organisation while holding the rights of use, collaborate, share and distribute among teams. 

Digital assets include any form of media, including: 

  • Images 
  • Videos 
  • Raw files 
  • Documents 
  • Contracts 
  • Licencing files or certificates 

It can be difficult to correctly categorise and organise digital assets if there is a frequent intake in need of uploading, tagging and editing. As a result, some of the most common issues that arise are file loss, asset duplication and out-of-date content – resulting in constant time delays. DAM systems aim to solve these issues.

Why Do Organisations Need a DAM System?

A decade ago, organisations would dedicate the time and investment to configuring internal servers, building infrastructure and installing on-premises DAM systems. Everything was managed in-house, putting a heavy strain on IT departments. 

Nowadays, digital asset collections are vastly accumulating. With more demand for remote access across different agencies or working from home, organisations require instantaneous, secure access to a single source of truth. 

Cloud DAM systems provide the freedom to access any digital file from anywhere at anytime.

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Who Uses DAM Systems?

DAM systems help organisations get the most out of their business and are invaluable to many industries. With a centralised ecosystem, DAM systems streamline workflows across multiple channels for easy access and distribution. 

Here are some major industries that can reap the rewards of digital asset management:

Marketing Teams

Marketing and creative agencies hold volumes of content and on-brand material with multiple campaigns running simultaneously. There is a constant need for access, collaboration and sharing between departments and teams so streamlining the creative production process is crucial. A DAM system provides a better line of communication within one single source of truth for content-ready files.

Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies strongly focus on visual appeal to peak interest for potential buyers. With a need to house larger and raw file types, a DAM system that provides large file uploads within a secure, collaborative network is essential. DAM platforms allow for scalable storage to suit a variety of file types and easy distribution between departments within one centralised ecosystem.


The tech industry needs to be across a variety of digital channels and platforms to meet different client demands. This means that teams require on-brand, up-to-date and market-ready files to be aligned – if not, then departments may face time delays and isolation issues. DAM systems solve these issues to maintain competitiveness in its industry and ensure that all teams have access to content and on-brand material from one secure platform.


Retail and eCommerce heavily rely on visual appeal and require a scalable storage space to store images and media to prompt sales. It can be difficult to effectively streamline uploading, managing, tagging and organising digital assets without it congesting valuable company time. DAM systems help users maintain content and brand materials.

Quick Tip: Some DAM vendors take care of the uploading and tagging of digital assets to save users the hassle of time-consuming administration tasks.


Government entities need an advanced level of organisation and security to remove the risk of unauthorised asset sharing. Permission-level access and secure cloud hosting networks, such as Microsoft Azure, ensure all digital files are secure and meet compliance measures. 

With detailed tagging and metadata, DAM systems also cater for mass amounts of files from multiple departments. Users can easily find and link any asset relating to local projects (whether it be forms, licences, imagery or documents) for a seamless search.

Education Facilities

Higher education facilities hold masses of digital assets from curriculums to marketing collateral. With different file formats, effectively managing them effectively can be difficult and time-consuming. DAM systems provide administration, faculties and cohorts access to a secure and shared cloud library to access up-to-date files, media and curriculum material.

Sports Organisations

Sports Organisations need a secure, flexible space to store and manage mass amounts of video footage and imagery of events. As such, these pieces of content needs to be easily and readily accessible to collaborate, edit and distribute among users and stakeholders. Rich metadata levels such as facial recognition and AI tagging are available with some DAM vendors to aid this process and streamline these tasks


Why choose Collaboro for your DAM system?

Collaboro is an Australian Cloud-based DAM solution that empowers your teams to do more. Our DAM platform will centralise all your digital assets, making it easier for your teams to organise, find and share all your digital media files, in one place, from anywhere.

But a successful DAM solution requires more. This is where Collaboro brings local Australian expertise and support services to provide a customised end-to-end solution.

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