Why is Digital Asset Management Important?

Ever spent hours sifting through folders to find an asset that cost thousands of dollars to create? Or worse, not been able to find it?  

Not only is it frustrating, it’s avoidable. 

Acting as a single source of truth, digital asset management (or DAM) ensures your valuable assets are always up-to-date, secure and just a few clicks away.  

Here we’ll look at how important DAM is for a business of any size, and the ROI it brings beyond just monetary savings. 

Let’s dive in. 

6 Reasons Why DAM Is Invaluable

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A simple way to organise, archive and distribute assets quickly, DAM is an important investment for any business. Here’s why: 

1. You’ll Never Loose An Important File (Again) 

We’ve all been there – an asset that took hours to write or months for your video team to create is now nowhere to be found. When video production starts at $20K a day, the time, money and delay it’ll cost your organisation to reproduce the asset is a hard pill to swallow.  

With DAM, you can say goodbye to the reproduction of assets as a result of human error or poor practices. You’ll always have control over, clarity of, and access to all your rich media assets. 

DAM software empowers your employees with instant access to up to date, legally compliant assets. Teams waste less time searching for and recreating assets and more time doing their actual job.  

“According to Research and Markets 2022 study, 48% of respondents agreed that without strong metadata in place, assets are hard to find and easily lost or forgotten.” 

2. You’ll Maintain Brand Consistency & Agility

Say you’ve updated your logo – how long would it take you to track down and delete all the old versions on the company drive? 

No matter how big, small or multinational your business is, with DAM, you’ll never have to worry about inconsistent branding tainting your identity, image or reputation. Creating a central library for branded content, DAM software eliminates the risk of unapproved, copyright or out-of-date asset usage. 

When a business delivers consistent, quality messaging, customers are more likely to recognise, trust and ultimately buy from you over the competition.  

Now that’s important. 

Quick tip: “Collaboro enables your business to satisfy the required marketing ingredients (consistency, quality and timeliness) through which revenue growth is made.”  

3. You Can Mitigate Security Breaches

Ever sent an important file via email? While it may seem innocent, you’ve now made it impossible to track who can access and share this asset. Uh-oh. 

DAM is different.  

With features like expiration dates, passwords and user access rights, DAM software makes tracking and managing asset usage easy. Viewing, editing and sharing content all happens on one secure platform, so businesses can safeguard their assets from unauthorised use, accidental deletion or security breaches.  

In a world where an organisation’s reputation rests on the shoulders of its data security capabilities, this level of asset protection is of utmost importance. 

Quick tip: “Collaboro partners with cloud hosting network Microsoft Azure to ensure premium security and data compliance for our users.”  

4. You Only Pay For The Storage You Need

Growing businesses need scalable asset storage.  

With cloud-based DAM systems, expanding or reducing your storage capacity is as easy as updating your subscription. There’s no such thing as waiting days, even weeks for software or holding facility upgrades.  

Collaboro even offers an additional offline storage facility, capable of hosting the most data-heavy, complex file types at scale. This means businesses can store maximum assets both on and off the cloud at a minimum cost. 

For businesses like startups, real estate agencies and educational facilities, this flexible asset storage is essential to keep up with demand.  

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5. Your Access, Approval & Distribution Is Simple

Say you’re a publishing agency that needs to get a breaking story live asap. How long would it take you to collect, review and send content and images before pushing the story live? Several minutes or several hours?  

With DAM software, teams, managers and collaborators can easily access, review, approve, reject and publish content all in one place, instantly. Gone are the days of endless email chains or switching between platforms to send, edit and review assets. Hallelujah! 

Quick Tip: “Collaboro completely tailors their DAM platform to your business, meaning seamless connectivity with existing software and plugins. Say goodbye to endlessly switching between different programs that don’t work cohesively.”  

6. You Have Support Available When You Need It

Previously, digital asset management consisted of bulky on-site servers requiring large, strong IT departments to take care of admin, maintenance and troubleshooting. 

Now, modern cloud DAM software places the responsibility of maintenance tasks, upgrades and troubleshooting in the hands of the vendor, not the client. This gives your IT department more time to focus on doing their actual job instead of being digital asset managers.  

Collaboro even goes the extra mile, taking care of essential DAM maintenance tasks like uploading, transcoding, onboarding and tagging. We’ll even provide you with your own dedicated account manager to reach out to when you need assistance. 

For businesses, the time, money and frustration this extra level of support saves is invaluable 

“Collaboro does more of the doing – providing continuous support alongside our software.”

In Summary

DAM is important for a business of any size.  

By creating a centralised, secure and easily accessible location for teams to view, edit and share assets, DAM is an end-to-end solution for asset lifecycle and retention issues.  

It’s specially designed to evolve with your business, not against it, delivering ROI in the form of company time, resources and frustration saved.  


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