Why Digital Asset Management is Essential for Publishing

The publishing world is non-stop, and fast. With tight deadlines, large audiences to reach and even larger expectations for a pristine product, workflows, content and media require seamless access.  

Archiving a never-ending collection of assets, dealing with the inability to convert incompatible file types and over-expenditure to re-create material, are just a few of the challenges faced by media agencies and publishers. But do we need to replace outdated workflows entirely to solve these challenges?  

Material not only needs to be visually engaging, but its management needs to be seamless, its usage rights up-to-date, on-brand and, more importantly, accessible. In order to stay competitive in an already fast-paced industry, publishers are now redirecting their investment to a digital asset management (DAM) solution. Not as a way to replace workflows, but to enhance them.  

But why is DAM a must-have for media owners and publishers? Find out below.  

Why is a DAM Solution Essential for Publishers?

When it comes to your digital asset library, everything needs to be accessible, easy to manage and easy to distribute. A DAM solution can’t just be a centralised hub for assets, content, media, company documents and licences, it has to do so intelligently and effortlessly for the user. Its primary purpose is to make sure users aren’t wasting valuable time searching, losing or re-creating assets.  

The right DAM solution is critical to the success of publishers to ensure they are in full control of the digital asset collection, including its collaboration, production and distribution. With intelligent features such as metadata & tagging, users can benefits from instantaneous searchability based on the information attached to it, rather than where it is placed.  

Let’s dive into why DAM is essential for publishers:  

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It’s Uniquely Designed to Your Business

The benefits of a customised platform are two-fold: it facilitates and enhances current workflows, processes and ability to evolve over time; and drastically minimises the learning curve for employees. Both do wonders for user experience.  

Features like intuitive language functions that utilise in-house terminology, integrated interfaces and even customising the platform layout provide cohesiveness within the workflow. Everything is accessible within a familiar, easy-to-use platform – and when there is an influx of content ready for upload, editing and distribution, it’ll be an absolute time (and life) saver.  

What Collaboro Can Do:  

Collaboro will work with you to build your platform from the ground up from scratch. They’ll liaise with your team to collect information on terminology, acronyms, key challenges, search terms abbreviation – everything. We’ll take on the brunt of the implementation by migrating, uploading, ingesting and take care the entire configuration set up. In the end, you’ll have an entirely bespoke DAM solution.  

It Caters for Best in Breed Integration

Best in breed integration is technology that meets all of your workflow requirements. Rather than switching between different programs that don’t work cohesively or incurring upgrading costs to ensure the programs work together. Best-in-breed integration offers a unique DAM solution by fitting into your workflow.  

Having a custom platform that fits into existing software and programs drastically increases productivity because it simplifies the process from search to distribution. This optimises productivity to meet tight deadlines and audience demands. In turn, maximising revenue by taking back the time, money and resources otherwise spent elsewhere. If your platform is not compatible with your existing software, it can chew into more valuable resources – not to mention overall employee productivity.  

What Collaboro Can Do:  

Being able to cater for multiple programs and software is crucial in publishing. Collaboro adopts a best in breed approach to seamlessly integrate with other software and services such as brand automation platforms, CMS, MRM and Review and Approval to ensure brand agility. No need to worry about duplicates or manual uploading from one program to another, a best-in-breed integration means your DAM easily fits in with your publishing tools.  

It Understands Your Internal Language

When we talk about customisable, we mean it. A crucial part of the media industry means to keep up with fast paced timelines, deadlines, breaking stories and more. This means having a platform that allows users to find the content they need at lightning speed.  

Intuitive language functions achieve this. The right DAM solution is built around individual business internal search terms, acronyms, abbreviations – literally everything. These are built within the platform, so it’s never been easier for users to search for content.  

What Collaboro Can Do:  

Collaboro works with you to build these intelligent functions in order to tailor the DAM to the company’s language and structure as well as addressing any key pain points. We’ll plan and build out the metadata, schema lines, folder structures and naming conventions in order to build the platform. This includes all language intricacies to ensure users can continue using the language they’re used to.  

It Caters for Remote Working

In today’s faced-paced age, having access is everything. Publishers need the freedom to collaborate from any device, anywhere – and those who are remote working. Cloud-based configuration allows for a collaborative sharing platform. This means any associating content creators such as photographers and editors can rely on the flexibility and freedom to manage, edit and distribute assets.  

Utilising a cloud platform also ensures any highly sensitive materials that are not ready for public access remain secure.  

What Collaboro Can Do:  

Collaboro’s platform runs off a highly secure cloud platform,  combining searchability, metadata, transcoding and download functions from one secure place. We use Microsoft Azure hosting network, ensuring all data and files are kept safe.  

Better yet, for those larger, more complex file types, we also provide a multi-tiered platform to store additional or archival content in an offline setting.  

It’s Easy – and fast

The demand for instant access to information is only getting stronger. In the publishing industry, there’s no room to get bogged down by inefficiencies in workflows and asset management. Disruptive workflows, archaic folder management systems, clunky integrations (or lack thereof) are all ways in which an out-of-date management systems can hinder the search, discovery, retrieval and production processes.  

What Collaboro Can Do:  

DAM solutions aim to take all the admin hassle away by eliminating the risk of lifecycle retention issues while taking over admin tasks such as uploading, converting, transcoding, ingesting and more – so you have more time to focus on the content  

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Are Features Everything?

The right features for you are essential, but they’re not everything. The things that matter include support when you need it and someone to work with you every step of the way.  

Making sure you align intended DAM outcomes to user stories is essential for successful adoption and long term success of a DAM solution. 

Features take you a long way, but it’s not enough. For publishers and publishing houses it’s paramount to find an end-to-end solution. The right DAM vendor will aim to take the heavy burden away from you and your users. So, look out for a DAM solution that will take care of the things that matter:  the setup, migrations, configuration, onboarding and training.  

Why Choose Collaboro for your DAM System

Collaboro is an Australian Cloud-based DAM solution that empowers your teams to do more. Our DAM platform will centralise all your digital assets, making it easier for your teams to organise, find and share all your digital media files, in one place, from anywhere. 

But a successful DAM solution requires more. This is where Collaboro brings local Australian expertise and support services to provide a customised end-to-end solution. 

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