Maximising Your Video Assets: VAM vs DAM Comparison

Over 81% of businesses use video in their marketing strategy, with this figure only rising year on year. From TikTok’s to YouTube clips and commercials, videos are key to engaging customers.  

To keep up with exponential demand, businesses are turning to asset management software to efficiently (and securely) manage video files. 

Here, we’ll look at the features and benefits of two of the most popular systems: Video Asset Management and Digital Asset Management – and which one’s best for you. 

Firstly, What Is Video Asset Management?

Video Asset Management (VAM) is software specially designed to manage the creation, distribution and storage of video assets.  

Its focus is video production and archival storage, purpose built for users to search and access when they need them.   

However, VAM isn’t the only video management software that exists to help businesses efficiently store content. There’s Media Asset Management (MAM), Production Asset Management (PAM) and most importantly, Digital Asset Management (DAM). 

MAM software is specially designed to manage the production and distribution of audio and video files. PAM software, on the other hand, focuses on the editing process throughout a media file’s lifecycle. 

How Does VAM Compare To Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management is a comprehensive solution for asset storage, management and distribution.  

It acts as a single source of truth for your entire asset library, ensuring valuable company content is always on-brand, up-to-date and just a few clicks away.  

Its main distinction from VAM software is that DAM is not limited to video storage 

It’s capable of hosting an array of file sizes and formats, from images, documents, eBooks, templates – you name it. 

Any solution for managing digital assets in 2023 must have wide ranging video capabilities. This means storage at scale, on-platform streaming, and even on-platform clipping or editing capabilities.  

Quick tip: The key difference between DAM and VAM software is the scope of digital assets they store.

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VAM vs DAM: What’s Best For You?

DAM and VAM software share many similarities when it comes to managing, locating and distributing video assets.  

Businesses that work exclusively with video files often turn to VAM software as they simply don’t need the extra functionalities and file hosting capabilities of a DAM system. However, VAM software is increasingly marginalised – if video is all it can do, then there are unnecessary limits to future use cases outside of video.  

For businesses that deal with a range of video, creative and text based files – i.e: pretty much every business that engages in marketing or sales of any kind – a DAM system is the ideal solution for housing your digital content.  

The flexible and all-encompassing nature of DAM software is also great for growing businesses. Thinking of incorporating different file formats to your product offering? Want to extend your marketing strategy to new platforms? With DAM, it’s no sweat. 

Let’s look at the key benefits of DAM for video and how it differs from traditional VAM systems. 

5 Benefits Of Digital Asset Management For Video

1. Storage Is Easily Scalable

It’s no secret video files take up a considerable amount of storage. Raw capture can be extreme in terms of data volumes. The latest Red 8K Digital Cinema camera captures data at the rate of 120GB per minute – that’s an astounding 7.2 Terabytes of data created per hour!  

If your organisation is dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of video files at any one time, you’ll need a scalable storage solution that can keep up with demand.  

Both VAM and DAM systems typically host their software on cloud platforms, meaning scalability is never an issue. However, scalability at a reasonable price is key to long term viability of a DAM or VAM platform – and cloud hosting alone may not answer the call under true heavy data loads. 

To achieve maximum storage at minimum cost, DAM vendors like Collaboro utilise a multi-tiered storage architecture where both cloud based and offline storage facilities. Collaboro’s offline archive is ideal for large, raw and archival video files as well as other media types like contracts, images, audio files and PDFs. 

With Collaboro, you can say goodbye to compromising what assets you choose to keep for the sake of storage costs. 

2. Find Any Clip, Instantly

Both VAM and DAM software are designed to make asset search and retrieval easy.  

They both utilise rich metadata driven search functions and AI powered tags like colour, project and facial recognition. Users find exactly what they’re looking for, within seconds, so you can forget sifting through endless hours of footage to find the scene you’re after.  

The key difference between VAM and DAM here is the scope of search DAM offers.  

A single search on a DAM platform provides you with every single company asset relating to a certain topic. You won’t have to flick to one platform to find the raw footage you’re after, then to another ECM to find a copy of the script and any copyright guidelines. 

With DAM, employees spend less time locating, requesting or re-creating files and more time creating, re-using and repurposing assets.  

Quick tip: Collaboro passes your assets through 9 different levels of tagging, using both artificial intelligence and machine learning to tag your content in the most intelligent way possible.

3. Collaboration Is Simple & Secure

A video passes through many teams and departments before it’s ready for production. And we all know compressing, sending, downloading, editing and resending these large video files between internal and external parties is a pain.  

Both DAM and VAM aim to eliminate this painstaking, time consuming process entirely.  

These cloud-based platforms give teams the freedom to view, edit and share assets securely from any device, anywhere. Collaboration all happens on the one platform thanks to features like user permissions, passwords and custom share links.  

However, where DAM differentiates from VAM here is that it acts as the single source of asset search, retrieval and sharing for your entire company.  

Instead of restricting use exclusively to the video team, the marketing, accounts and HR teams also utilise DAM to view, edit and distribute promotional images, marketing collateral and more. 

By enabling better collaboration throughout the entire pre, during and post-production process, DAM helps teams get videos to market faster with less back and forth.  

4. Seamless Integration With Existing Software

To enhance workflows, a DAM or VAM system needs to work cohesively with existing video editing software, not butt heads with it.  

VAM software is often capable of integrating with popular video editing platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie.  

However, some DAM vendors take their approach to integrations a step further.  

At Collaboro, we build our DAM software from the ground up to ensure seamless connectivity with all your existing software and plugins. No matter what programs you rely on throughout the creative process, we’ll make sure they integrate seamlessly with your DAM.  

For creatives, this means your entire asset library videos, images and brand assets, are accessible from within your go-to programs like Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro and more. Say goodbye to endlessly switching between different programs to create your masterpieces. 

5. Support Is There When You Need It

Having a video management system is one thing, keeping it organised while trying to meet never-ending deadlines is another.  

That’s why it’s so important to look for a vendor that offers extra services and support alongside their software. Without it, essential admin tasks quickly slip through the cracks, leaving you with an unorganised, untagged mess. 

At Collaboro, we take care of uploading, transcoding, onboarding and tagging your assets, taking the burden of DAM admin off the shoulders of your employees 

We even provide you with your own dedicated account manager and train new employees on the ins and outs of your DAM system. 

It’s these extra services that really guarantee the long-term success of your video management software. To find out more about why the right vendor makes all the difference, see our article here 

Why Choose Collaboro for your DAM System?

Collaboro is an Australian Cloud-based DAM solution that empowers your teams to do more. Our DAM platform will centralise all your digital assets, making it easier for your teams to organise, find and share all your digital media files, in one place, from anywhere.  

But a successful DAM solution requires more. This is where Collaboro brings local Australian expertise and support services to provide a customised end-to-end solution. 

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