MAM vs DAM: What’s The Difference?

The demand for video-forward content is booming, with over 3 billion people consuming video in 2022 alone. 

To satisfy consumers, it’s not unusual for marketing teams, broadcasters and filmmakers to be handling thousands of digital media files at any one time.  

From TikTok videos to TV commercials and YouTube ads, consolidating and storing this huge volume of assets is no easy feat. 

To more efficiently organise, store and distribute these files, businesses are turning to asset management software like MAM and DAM.  

So what is MAM and DAM software, what do they offer and which one is best for your business?  

Let’s take a look.

What’s The Difference Between MAM & DAM?

Both MAM and DAM software act as central repositories for valuable company content. Their goal is making assets easy to find, manage and share between both internal and external parties.  

The key difference between the two systems is the type of content they manage and the features they offer.  

MAM systems work exclusively with video and rich media files. They possess features and functionalities tailored specially towards high volume video production.  

DAM systems, on the other hand, work with a wider scope of digital content. They securely house everything from videos and images to PDFs and audio files, eliminating the need to switch between servers to get the job done. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into each. 

What Is MAM?

Media Asset Management (or MAM) is software specially designed to store, manage, edit and distribute video and multi-media files.  

Originally designed for use by TV and film companies, today MAM software is popular across the sports, film, and news industries.  

It offers highly specialised tools to simplify video production, such as subtitling functionalities and the ability to transcode and edit proxy files. MAM software also features large-scale storage capabilities, acting as a single repository for 4K or higher video files. 

With marketers reporting a 92% ROI on video content in 2023 so far, there is a rising demand for highly-specialised storage systems like MAM.  

Examples of popular MAM software includes Iconik, Dalet Galaxy and Vidispine. 

3 Key Benefits Of MAM

  • Scalable storage: MAM software is specially designed to house large-form digital audio and video formats like MP4, MOV and AVI. 
  • Specialised features: MAM software is tailored specifically towards video and audio production. It offers an array of highly specialised features to support the editing process, including the ability to cut sequences and add voiceovers. 
  • Comprehensive integrations: MAM systems are designed to seamlessly integrate into a range of video production tools. All company multi-media files are accessible from within your go-to programs like iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Who Uses MAM Software? 

  • News, film, sports and other video production teams working mostly with long-form audio and video content. 
  • Teams who don’t require extra functionalities for image, document and design file editing and storage.  
  • Teams looking for specialised tools to support the video production process. 

What Is DAM?

Digital Asset Management (or DAM) is software designed to streamline digital asset search, storage, editing and sharing.  

With over 55% of businesses struggling to manage and organise their digital asset library, DAM software provides a comprehensive solution to all forms and formats of digital assets. Either on-site or cloud-based, DAM acts as a single source of truth for your entire library, from images, videos, documents to PDFs, licenses and more. 

By housing everything in one central, easily accessible location, DAM software reduces internal bottlenecks and improves brand consistency across all platforms.  

5 Key Benefits Of DAM

  • One system for all: With DAM, you’re not restricted to one file type. Housing everything from videos and images to documents and PDFs, DAM is a more viable solution for all teams and industries 
  • Better asset security: With secure cloud hosting networks, user permissions and custom share links, DAM software ensures your digital assets never get into the wrong hands.  
  • Instantaneous search: Forget searching through hours of footage or countless folders. With custom metadata and AI tagging, DAM ensures assets are always easily accessible to those who need them. 
  • Brand consistency: Don’t let inconsistent imagery or information taint your brand’s reputation. With one single source of truth for all company content, DAM helps businesses deliver consistent branding material across multiple channels.  
  • Advanced integrations: Vendors like Collaboro go the extra mile to seamlessly integrate their DAM software with your existing digital ecosystem. This means your entire digital asset library is accessible from within your existing MarTech stack, creative tools, review and approval processes.  

Who Uses DAM Software? 

  • Teams who work with video and an array of other file types and formats including contracts, documents, images and eBooks. 
  • Teams struggling to organise a large volume of marketing and creative content. 
  • Remote-based businesses or companies with international offices. 
  • Businesses in need of an inclusive software with features and functionalities to serve and benefit all teams, instead of a select few.  
  • Businesses that prioritise a rapid time to market, like sales, retail and marketing teams. 

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DAM Or MAM: The Verdict

Today’s video production process involves so much more than just video and audio files. Teams also need access to scripts, marketing materials, logos, budgets – the lot.  

So, while MAM software’s advanced editing features are great for video and editing teams, it lacks the capability to manage other file types like images and documents. 

To break free from the limitations of one media type, many businesses are opting for a more flexible DAM system over highly specialised MAM software.  

A versatile DAM solution like Collaboro is ideal for teams that work with video and an array of other file types like real estate, retail and creative agencies. Instead of limiting users exclusively to video content, DAM supports a range of rich media files, making it a one-stop-shop for all teams. 

Remember Features Aren’t Everything

Storing, organising and distributing digital and media assets like video, image and audio files is no easy feat.  

That’s why when looking for a media storage system, look beyond flashy features to find a vendor who offers ongoing support alongside their software.  

With Collaboro, you’ll have support every step of the way throughout the pre, during and post implementation process. We take the burden of essential DAM admin like onboarding and tagging, transcoding and troubleshooting off your shoulders, preventing your software from becoming an unorganised, untagged mess.  

It’s this extra layer of support that guarantees the smooth adoption and long term success of your DAM system.  


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