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Trusted by Australia’s leading brands, creative agencies, government and education.

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Leading brands trust Collaboro

Software alone is not a solution.

We’re not just software; we combine people, platform and process to provide you an all-round solution.

  • Reduces hosting costs & reduces risk by maintaining multiple secured environments.
  • Solves asset lifecycle & regulatory data retention issues.
  • Provides a massively scalable environment needed to store raw image and video assets.

Our client success stories:

“Collaboro enabled our business to shift simple repetitive production in-house, saving us around $4m a year. These savings have been redirected into market facing activities, accelerating revenue.”

Marketing & Production Director
Major Australian QSR

“Collaboro takes admin off our plate and empowers us to focus on bigger & better ideas for our clients – both reactive and pro-active ideas.”

Group Operations Director
Australia’s largest creative agency

“Collaboro powers our remote marketing and production teams – not only are assets centralised, the platform is 5x faster than our VPN used to be.”

Marketing Operations Director

Australian, owned, operated, and compliant.

Collaboro is an Australian-based, enterprise solution, that provides world-class technology, combined with local service (and data storage). Like you, we understand the trust that comes from working with a local business and the data compliance benefits associated.


World-leading data storage

The Collaboro Cloud Platform is a complete digital asset management platform encompassing meta data, search, share, transcode and download functionality.

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Large File Storage

Collaboro is Australia’s only DAM service to convert your video to content-ready versions before uploading it to the cloud.

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Service and support

You’re based in Australia, so your files should be too. When something goes wrong – can your business afford to wait for a US-based help desk to respond to your support ticket?

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Onboarding and tagging

Rounding up and tracking down assets is half the battle to keeping your content under control. We are the only DAM Service in Australia to offer Enterprise Brands a Data Collection Service.

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We’re your Digital Asset Management solution experts and have the stats to back it up.

3.5 Petabytes

Of media assets under management.

200 Brands

Trusted by Australia’s leading brands, creative agencies, government and education.

5 Million

Lines of metadata populated.

15+ Countries

With Collaboro users accessing the platform.

Don’t take our word for it, hear from our customers:

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Australia’s best Digital Asset Management Solution (DAM)

Acme automates your subscription revenue and customer reporting. Just connect your data and Acme will calculate and visualize your most important metrics.

  • What is digital asset management?

    The handling of a collection of digital assets that require the use of a computer application or platform. Digital Asset Management ensures that the owner, and possibly their team, can perform operations on the data files without any risk of losing the data.

  • Cloud based Digital Asset Management

    The Collaboro Cloud Platform is a complete digital asset management platform encompassing metadata, search, share, transcode and download functionality. In the simplest terms, this means your media assets can be found easily, downloaded in the formats you need, edited and shared with others in the formats they require.

  • Australian based Digital Asset Management

    Collaboro is an Australian Microsoft Partner. All Infrastructure and hosting is located in local Microsoft Azure data centres. All support is on-shore. This ensures the best possible speed, support, uptime and user experience.

  • Digital Asset Management Platform

    A fully customised cloud ecosystem. ALL assets are saved including raw production assets – all assets can be easily found, used, repurposed, edited, shared, in one place.

  • Collaboro Digital Asset Management support

    Collaboro provides you 24 hr/7 day support:
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Australian based
    • Training and engagement
    • Ongoing service & on-site training
    • Digital migrations advice

    We offer a pick up and sorting service for you and your third-party partners.

    Offering ongoing service, support, and a dedicated Account Manager.

    We use a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Human smarts and Machine learning to tag your digital assets.

    NOT DIY:
    Bespoke Software As A Service Company – not a DIY…

  • The best solution for Enterprise Digital Asset Management

    As part of the service assets are; converted and transcoded, uploaded and ingested, have their meta data applied, are tagged, viewed and verified – then saved and filed in both physical and cloud based storage for ease of access without compromising cost or security.

  • How does multi-tiered storage work?

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  • Onboarding and Tagging of digital assets

    A combination of cloud hosting and archival storage that:
    • reduces hosting costs.
    • solves asset lifecycle & regulatory data retention.
    • reduced risk with multiple secured environments.
    • provides the massively scalable environment needed to store video and image raw capture files.

  • Offline Storage

    Just because you don’t need access to your brand’s content right now, doesn’t mean it should be stored away, unreachable, never to be seen again.
    The Collaboro offline archive is a highly secure, highly stable Media-Focused archive. We will prepare and archive all digital data presented to us, to 2 x geographically separated LTO tapes.

  • Reduce your DAM cloud-hosting costs

    Our team will store the original large version of the assets in our offline archive as we receive them. Then (if required) we’ll convert & transcode those larger assets into smaller “content-ready” formats that can be more easily saved in the cloud platform, and are good for use for just about any marketing purpose. This process reduces our customers cloud hosting costs considerably. Users in the cloud-platform can easily retrieve the original larger version of the asset if they require.

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