DAM For Marketing: Why Is DAM Crucial For Your Marketing Strategy?

Not too long ago, a business’s marketing strategy was focused solely on moving products off the shelves.  

Today, it’s all about creating and maintaining brand desire and loyalty through consistent customer experiences across all touchpoints 

In fact, 63% of customers are more loyal to a business that offers an exceptional customer experience. 

To consistently create engaging, personalised content at a moment’s notice, marketers are increasingly turning to digital asset management solutions.  

So, what is digital asset management software and why is it crucial for modern-day marketing strategies?  

Let’s take a look. 

What Is DAM?

Digital Asset Management (or DAM) is a sophisticated file storage and management solution for your business’s digital assets like PDFs, images, videos and documents.  

It acts as a ‘single source of truth’ for marketers, and all other teams, to easily find, reuse, repurpose and share digital assets at a moment’s notice. In turn, it increases marketers’ productivity by up to 10%, as valuable time is no longer spent hunting down or recreating valuable assets. 

Not only does DAM centralise all your important files, but it also makes it simple to track their restrictions, copyright information, user permissions and expiry dates.  

With DAM, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your team only has access to up to date, compliant and pre-approved digital assets. 

5 Ways DAM Strengthens Your Marketing Strategy

A successful marketing strategy is one that brings together the 4 Ps of the marketing mix – product, price, place and promotion – to effectively market your products. 

Here’s five ways DAM software helps market your products in a unique way to the right people, at the right time: 

1.  DAM Ensures Brand Compliance

Brand identity is everything. 

In fact, 71% of customers agree they’re more likely to purchase from a brand they recognise. Yet, with a growing number of sales channels, collaborators and franchises to keep track of, it’s easy for an outdated logo or unapproved image to slip through the cracks.  

DAM eliminates this risk entirely.  

DAM software is a single source of truth for brand consistency and compliance. It empowers in- house teams and third-party collaborators with access to a rich library of on-brand, up-to-date and copyright-compliant assets.  

Marketers, sales and creative teams can confidently leverage assets from your DAM to tell a consistent brand story across all channels. Further features like user permissions and expiry dates ensure unapproved or outdated assets don’t accidentally make their way into a social media post or resellers’ website.  

2. DAM Seamlessly Integrates With Your MarTech Stack

From Adobe Creative Cloud and Canva to the Microsoft Office Suite, it’s easy for any marketing team to work across multiple platforms on any given day. 

Without a platform custom-built around your team’s workflow, marketers waste hours constantly downloading, compressing and re-uploading files.  

Collaboro’s DAM solution integrates seamlessly with any of your existing software applications, creative tools and workflows. This means your entire library of assets is available from within your go-to tools like PhotoShop, PowerPoint and InDesign.  

Marketers can quickly access, edit, review and share a file without switching between various platforms. They can also do so with confidence knowing all assets are already pre-approved and market ready.   

The ROI of finding a DAM vendor that offers best-in-breed integration comes in the form of less time switching between platforms and more time creating quality work.  

3. DAM Extends Asset Lifecycle

Without intelligent software to store, tag and locate digital assets, marketers waste almost 7 hours a week on content duplication.  

The worst part is, it’s entirely avoidable. 

DAM creates a central, easily accessible location for your entire digital catalogue. With the help of artificial intelligence, advanced metadata and custom tags, DAM ensures assets are always easy to locate, reuse and repurpose. 

Marketers easily adapt creative assets in seconds to suit different mediums, campaigns and formats instead of re-shooting or re-commissioning new content. For pretty much every business working towards tight budgets and deadlines, the ROI of an extending an assets lifecycle is invaluable. 

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4. Collaboration Becomes Effortless 

From interacting with clients, designers, web developers and other team members, collaboration is the lifeblood of any marketing department.  

By storing everything in one central, cloud-based location, a DAM solution ensures your digital assets are always easy to search, store and share when and where you need them. It empowers your team to share assets with internal and external partners without the need to request access or endlessly upload and download assets via email chains. 

When collaboration is seamless, it reduces your time to market while boosting the quality and consistency of your marketing strategy.  

Now that’s value. 

5. DAM Enhances Your Asset Security

We all know how much blood, sweat and tears goes into building a solid marketing strategy. So, the last thing you want is copyright infringements or stolen intellectual property getting in the way of a successful campaign.   

A secure DAM solution acts as a custodian for your digital files, giving you complete control over your assets, their licensing and usage rights.  

Features like custom share links, secure cloud hosting networks and user permissions ensure your assets remain secure and never get into the wrong hands. With DAM, marketers easily provide teams and third parties with instant, self-serve access to the right assets, and only the right assets, with confidence. 

Quick tip: Collaboro partners with cloud hosting network Microsoft Azure to provide premium security for our users and their assets.

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Marketers leverage DAM to effectively deliver unique, meaningful content to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.  

Collaboro is an Australian cloud-based DAM solution that empowers your teams to do more. We bring local Australian expertise and support services to provide a bespoke end-to-end solution for your business. Book a demo with one of our Collaboro experts to experience what the right DAM solution will do for your business.   

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