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McDonald’s Australia engaged with Collaboro in 2016 to democratise the vast array of marketing assets created by their various agency-based creative teams and in-house resources. The remit extended to McDonald’s NZ in 2018.


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~60,000 assets on the cloud
~200 TB in the archive


Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific

The Challenge:

A marketing-led business with large scale, long term agency partnerships. The intent of engaging was to be vastly more efficient by providing cross-border and cross-company visibility of existing assets – therefore reducing duplicated production and time to market.

The Solution:

Collaboro Cloud DAM Platform, Archival Platform and our complete services layer are employed for McDonald’s. We engage with multiple creative agency partners and internal stakeholders to provide a complete Digital Asset Management solution.

The Result:

Since 2016, McDonald’s have leveraged a stable, scalable and reliable asset library to enable and empower local store marketing, creative agency directives, and south pacific regional marketing capabilites.

Collaboro completely solves the need we have to centralise and manage our digital assets. No matter which team creates a McDonald’s asset, all teams have visibility and access to that asset.

Lara | Digital Marketing Consultant @McDonaldsAU

The Challenge:

McDonald’s is an unashamedly marketing-led organisation. All marketing and creative assets – ranging for high cost TVCs to high-turnover menu boards – are very important. McDonald’s wanted an easy to use environment that helped all players across the business to store, find, share and use relevant creative assets.

The need was relatively common:

  • A marketing team that was rapidly being overwhelmed by requests from across the business to address an ever-growing mix of channels requiring image and video assets.
  • Accelerating capture of new image and video assets, presenting a storage and access challenge
  • A rich history and existing asset pool that required ingest, tagging, management and long term preservation.

Central to McDonald’s challenge were three core elements:

  1. Amulti-agency creative and execution structure – lots of stakeholders, players and users needing an independent, central  asset library.
  2. Digital Asset Management is not core activity, so simply buying software and self-managing was not an option.
  3. As an Australian entity, McDonald’s Australia were clear in the intent to keep their assets on-shore. All assets and associated metadata needed to be held, managed and made redundant in Australia.

The Solution:

Collaboro Cloud DAM Platform and Archival Platform. We wrapped these in our proprietary services layer – engaging directly with key creative agency partners DDB and GJ’s Agency in Australia and in New Zealand. The Collaboro Cloud Platform was tailored as we do for all customers: a bespoke schema was created that reflected the language, business units, terminology and language that McDonald’s use every day. A bespoke role and permission setup was deployed.

We work with McDonald’s and their key agency players to create a complete solution: the Collaboro Operations team work directly with all creative players, ingesting, archiving, converting as appropriate, placing and tagging the assets into the Collaboro Cloud. All originals are additionally archived into the Collaboro geo-redundant, secure offline archival system. This secures assets in an independent secure environment, safeguarding the visual history of McDonald’s for the future.

The Collaboro technology stack lives in Microsoft’s local Australian data centres, reducing risk and addressing the need to retain certainty over data domicility.

The Result:

McDonald’s remained a long term Collaboro customer through Covid and into the recovery. The ability to have control and agility with visual assets means that they can flex creative resourcing easily, building new channels with existing content easily and quickly. Above all, McDonald’s are able to stay focused on doing what they do best, rather than taking on the various media-centric and data heavy tasks of becoming digital librarians!

In 2020 McDonald’s were migrated at zero cost to the new generation Collaboro Cloud Platform. On top of generational user-interface and security benefits, this new platform brings new levels of search and surfacability to an exponentially-growing pool of assets, alongside deep integrative capabilities for the future.

Collaboro enables the McDonald’s communications and marketing teams to be agile in responding to internal and external team needs, and to serve those assets using an entirely on-platform workflow. For external distribution, Collaboro’s secure share links can be published at an individual asset level or can turn a working lightbox into a published external distribution centre.

Cost and waste reductions are an added benefit – with assets on hand the business has eliminated duplicated production and is able to drive greater use of existing assets, in turn gaining greater value from visual content, over a longer lifecycle.

Finally, due to the centralised and tagged nature of the asset library, McDonald’s ability to surface, share and use image, video and document assets is now immune to the knowledge loss that is inevitable as people, roles and suppliers change. Collaboro represents a bedrock visual resource that McDonald’s will continue count on, long into the future.


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