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M&C Saatchi

M&C Saatchi engaged with Collaboro in 2017 to solve the compounding issue of managing the vast volume of digital film and image assets that they
commission and create for their clients. As Australia’s largest creative agency by billings, this is quite a responsibility


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~60,000 assets on the cloud
~200 TB in the archive

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The Challenge:

M&C Saatchi is trusted by the nations’ most iconic brands to create engaging, large scale advertising campaigns across all channels and mediums. They therefore commission and create huge volumes of content, both raw and deliverable. They needed to solve the issues of storage, data security and agile access for a rapidly compounding pool of media, across many clients – and to do so within a production-based commercial arrangement. Industry Employees Specs User Locale

The Solution:

Collaboro Cloud DAM Platform, Archival Platform and our complete services layer are employedfor M&C Saatchi. We engaged with key stakeholders from operations and production to provide a complete Digital Asset Management solution.

The Result:

Collaboro store and manage hundreds of Terabytes of video and image assets for M&C Saatchi and their clients. As a completely outsourced solution, the Collaboro team pick up hard drives from M&C Saatchi AND their various production suppliers, then undertake the full process of archiving offline, uploading to cloud platform, then tagging and collating the assets.

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Collaboro completely solves the need we have to centralise and manage the huge volume of video assets we create. By providing the entire Digital Asset Management solution from large volume data logistics to the actual uploading, tagging and archiving, Collaboro handles it all for us – enabling
us tostay focused on what we do best.

Yvette | National Operations Director
M&C Saatchi Australia

The Challenge:


M&C Saatchi is trusted by the nations’ most iconic brands to create engaging, large scale advertising campaigns across all channels and mediums. In doing so, they commission and create a huge quantity of image, video and artwork assets. M&C Saatchi had three core areas that a DAM solution had to address:

  • Accelerating raw and finished data sizes for capture of new image and video assets, presenting a storage, security and access challenge.
  • Responsibility as a default media custodian – their customers trust them to be more sophisticated than storing high cost, highly visible video and image content on hard drives on shelves.
  • A charging model that fitted into the discreet transactional nature of agencybased production.

Working with large, sophisticated marketing teams is stock in trade for M&C Saatchi. Combining this inherent complexity with the accelerating need to address more channels, while remaining highly agile and efficient was at the centre of focusing into the challenge of managing digital assets.

Above all, M&C Saatchi recognise that their core skills set is to strategise, ideate, produce and deliver. Anything else distracts from the creative outcome, and dilutes the margin they generate as a business.

The Solution:

The Collaboro team undertake a complete, full service solution for M&C Saatchi.

Alongside cloud and archival platforms, we undertake hard drive logistics, media ingest, metadata tagging and library placement.

The Collaboro Cloud Platform was tailored as we do for all customers: a bespoke schema was created that reflected the language,business units. A bespoke role and permission setup was deployed.

M&C Saatchi are billed a one-time fee for each project depending on the data size of the project. This enables the agency to bill Collaboro to their client within the scope of each production – a perfect fit for all players.

Large volume raw footage from either still or digital film cameras are archived into the Collaboro geo-redundant, secure offline archival system. This secures assets in an independent secure environment, safeguarding the visual history of M&C customers for the future. They are also converted to 1080HD and uploaded to the cloud platform – able to be searched and used on demand.

Masters, documents and project files are equally well treated. Collaboro agents tag, collate and place all assets ready for future use – easy to find, use and share at a moments’ notice.

The Result:


M&C Saatchi are able to stay focused on doing what they do best, rather than taking on the various media-centric and data heavy tasks of becoming digital librarians!

Collaboro enables the agency teams to be agile in responding to internal and external team needs, and to serve those assets using an entirely on-platform workflow. Collaboro’s secure share links can be published at an individual asset level or can turn a working lightbox into a published external distribution centre – perfect to respond quickly and securely to client asset requests.

Cost and waste reductions are an added benefit – with assets on hand the business has eliminated duplicated production and is able to drive greater use of existing assets, in turn delivering greater value from visual content, over a longer lifecycle.

Finally, due to the centralised and tagged nature of the asset library, M&C Saatchi’s ability to surface, share and use image, video and document assets is now immune to the knowledge loss that is inevitable as people, roles , clients and suppliers change. Collaboro represents a bedrock visual resource that M&C Saatchi will continue count on, long into the future.

They needed to outsource the compounding issues of storage, managment and agile access for digital assets.


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