6 Incredible Examples Of Lost Footage

Question. If you were asked to find one very particular piece of marketing material, say a child riding a bike on a suburban lane that you filmed in 2015, would you be able to locate it and have it online within a few minutes?

If the answer is no, it’s highly likely your business needs to reinvigorate your digital asset management system. Here are six examples of important footage and how it’s been lost:

1. NASA lost the original moon landing footage. Only copies of the live broadcast exist. Believers of the conspiracy theory that the moon landing was fake, use this as evidence to support their claim. If the footage still existed, current technology would be able to analyse the footage to “prove” the landing.

2. The original Snow White produced in 1916, which later inspired the Walt Disney classic, was thought to be lost in a vault fire. Incredibly in 1992, it was found in Amsterdam!

3. Fox Studios was soon to release 4 Devils when reportedly borrowed by actress Mary Duncan, who played a supporting role, however, she consequently lost the footage.

4. Japanese film based on King Kong, called Wasei Kingu Kongu was completely destroyed during WWII.

5. The City Without Jews, produced in 1924 was thought to be destroyed until found in a Paris flea market in 2015. The buyer posted his finding on a crowd-funding website to pay for its restoral.

6. Andy Warhol’s first film was seized by the NYC Police in March 1964 during a house raid. The Police have since claimed the evidence has disappeared.

It’s been a long time since footage has been lost (or at least admitted to being lost).

In the era of cloud storage, artificial intelligence and proper metadata implementation, there is no reason any business shouldn’t be able to find footage within a few seconds.  If you can’t find assets quickly or have the fear of losing important footage, Collaboro makes digital asset management easy. By removing the need for staff to be involved and introducing a concierge service and your own personal librarian to meticulously add the correct data to assets so you don’t lose anything ever again.

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