We know what you need

You need us to sort it.

The thought of collating all the content your brand has ever created can be daunting, not to mention adding to the mix the compounding pile of new content. But that’s why we’re here.

We’ll engage with all your creative partners, agencies, contractors and production houses to pick up existing content, and will do so each time new content is ready for collection. Then we’ll ingest, upload and tag it, cleverly organising everything on the platform so it’s ready for use.

You need to find it.

Most DAM systems do not have the search functionality to handle storage at an enterprise level. Collaboro doesn’t work like traditional DAM, in fact we’ve turned DAM on its head.

Collaboro is ready for the future of marketing. Equipped to handle huge data, convert unruly file formats and is robust and scalable to grow alongside your brand’s compounding content needs.

We’ll work with you and your team to develop a bespoke keyword thesaurus of tags, that are relevant to how your business saves files. Creating a sophisticated search functionality, powered by tags and AI.

All this means that nothing is lost, nothing is reshot, you can access everything your brand has ever created, plenty you didn’t know existed and always find new ways to use it.

You need to share it

In the fast-paced, fragmented marketing industry, being able to share assets between your team and creative partners is crucial to staying ahead.

Collaboro allows you to quickly and easily manage permissions and grant access to your content. Meaning the ability to select marketing partnerships based on expertise, rather than process, zero associated costs with finding and using your brand’s own content content and, as agencies and contractors change, new projects and partnerships can go full stream ahead from day one.

In an industry where time equals money, Collaboro saves both – and that becomes a game-changing business advantage.

You need to use it

Taking custodianship of your brand’s content puts you back in control of how, where and when it’s used.

Access anytime, anywhere on the cloud so you and your team to jump on marketing opportunities in real-time, seamless agency migration and immunity to employee and supplier change. It’s all possible.

And for raw camera files, archives, legacy materials and full brand history, Collaboro’s highly stable offline archive has bank-level security that’s long term, fireproof and can’t be hacked. So everything feels nice and safe, and so do you.