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You’ve spotted an opportunity to involve your brand in a trending conversation on social media. You need to locate that perfect image to share posthaste.

Let’s compare how this everyday scenario might play out.


I don't have a digital asset management solution

Figure 12:

file management
Russian Roulette

I use Collaboro

  • I called my agency
  • I searched the server
  • I called a freelance photographer
  • I called dave
  • I tore my hair out
  • finally found by the agency
  • I approved the new costs

I find


agency uploading

I wasted time,
spent money... and missed the boat

I use

What's the wider outcome?

Because outperforming the competition is only half the win. By getting messages into market faster, your brand will gain more traction, which leads to greater market share and ultimately increased brand equity and business growth.

Figure 3:

the no
budget left
location reshoot

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