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Often the first thing that’s asked, and the hardest to measure.

Increased performance, faster marketing and an easier life all round may not be satisfactory measurements for your CFO, so we've crunched the numbers so you don’t have to.

Figure 2:

pay-by-the-second search time

start with

Easier to Measure Costs


Looking for files costs money.

On average a member of the production team will spend 38% of their time at work looking for files:

  • $0k


  • $0 / hr

  • (based on a 40 hour week X 48
    weeks per year)

  • 15 hrs p/w

    38% of 40

  • $0 per week

    15 @ $50

that equals


per year
for files

Figure 2:

the time is


downloading and sending files costs Money.

For an account or project manager to share a link to an asset, it takes time. Consider:

  • $0k

    annual salary

  • 0 mins

    per request

  • 0 requests


  • $0 a request

    $30 p/h x (7/60)


that equals


a year per head.


duplication time costs money.

Looking in the wrong places, asking colleagues, phone calls to creative painters, all to locate missing files wastes time.

And if all that fails a reshoot may take place - cue marketing budget down the drain.

designer P/r rate x
hours to recreate

Figure 3:

18x$1000 donuts

what about

harder to Measure Costs

Some costs are harder to measure because there are many more unknowns. Aside from time and money investments, their impact on brand equity 
can be huge.

Figure 6:

too late to
the party!

missed opportunity

Figure 4:

Slower-than-paint-drying response times

campaign delays

Figure 8:

un-backed-up back-up drive


Figure 3:

the no
budget left
location reshoot

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Figure 4:


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