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We live in a world of exponential content and it’s not slowing down.

Combine that with multiple mediums, remote teams, various agency partners, countless campaigns, and suddenly managing digital assets takes some… management.

By brilliantly organising images, video and artwork into one place, Collaboro enables marketers to regain control of their content. This isn’t just another digital storage solution, this is changing how industry-leading brands work across an increasingly fragmented marketing industry.

Everything is securely stored and nothing is mislaid, so every marketing partner is able to search and access what they need, with speed and ease.

When great teams Collaboro, they outperform by getting the right messages into market faster. That’s marketing at the speed of content.

Work together, faster.

Create and collaborate in the cloud, as unlimited users work from the same content library to make, share and edit collections and lightboxes instantly.

Tech that makes life easier.

We engage directly with agency, creative and production partners, to pick up hard drives, collate data, roundup files… and then store, tag and upload them all for you.

Find it. Use it.

Using personalised keywords and layered filters, Collaboro allows users to search on their terms. Then convert, cutdown, crop and resize files, all at the click of a button.

Never lose it, never reshoot it.

With a robust offline archive complementing the intuitive cloud platform, valuable assets are never lost and always at-hand to use, share or repurpose in seconds.

Getting started

Collaboro unlocks the true power of a brands ever-growing content library, empowering teams to respond in real-time and get to market faster whenever the lightbulb moment strikes.

These great teams already Collaboro...

Andrew Knox

General Manager Marketing Communications
Hyundai Motor Company Australia
“Given the inevitable changes of staff in marketing departments and ad agencies, having Collaboro gives us a level of reassurance. It also saves time and money, both of which usually have limitations.

Collaboro makes it easy for us to direct our assets from various agency partners in one location. We create multiple TVCs every year and it’s important that we can readily access those assets, so we’re not reinventing the wheel every time”

Bryan Cawood

Strategic / Creative Director
Youii Insurance
“As a brand, if you recognise the value of your existing production library and want to reuse these assets, you need to use Collaboro.

We have migrated 100% of our video production assets, and our editors and post-production teams appreciate the ease in which they can locate shots and access the offline archive”

Rod James

Head of Moving Image
M&C Saatchi
“Footage stored on tiny hard drives is easy to misplace, mislabel, or worse accidently erase. Enter Collaboro. I can do a whole host of things at the touch of a keyboard, such as viewing, selecting, copying and forwarding.

Collaboro is totally unique, brilliant, cost effective service, which is not a matter of being ‘useful’, but of absolute necessity”

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