Finely tuned

Finely Tuned are a young business who manage events across Australia, each event consists of a number of individual identities; meaning lots of brand assets, lots of production partners and lots of content.

With content housed across multiple servers and stored with freelance creative partners, keeping track of everything was almost impossible and they often ended up using the same 10 shots from events, just because they knew where they were.

“Files were in Google Docs, or dropbox. Photos and video from previous events were still with the photographers, or videographers, so we were calling them up each time we needed access. Or alternatively we had to go through all the folders and servers to find the right content. We needed a system”

The outcome

The internal team is small and work with a lot of contractors, they enjoy the flexibility of reaching out to different photographers, designers and videographers depending on the specialist job.

Being able to collaborate by sharing images, creating bespoke light boxes and easily give and remove access, is saving the team huge amounts of time and money. It’s seamless and instant.

“Collaboro tailored their product to work on a smaller scale than most of their other clients, so it worked for us and our situation, which was fantastic”

Collaboro has enabled Finely Tuned to restart, restructure and greatly ramp up their social media and digital marketing. They are now able to connect to their audience old and new, with consistent, high quality, targeted content.

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