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Figure 112:

Staff Tagging...
"Kid with wig"

Bespoke Tagging

High staff turnover can lead to inefficiencies in tagging and uploading. Riding staff to ensure they upload and tag correctly is a time waster – you’re a marketer not a librarian and teacher.

We are the only DAM Service in Australia to work with your team to develop a tailored keyword thesaurus of tags that are bespoke to your company. This guarantees your assets are tagged consistently making every asset search-able through accurate and consistent language.

  • Tag assets consistently
  • Reduce staff inefficiencies
  • Reduce time wasted searching
  • Choose from basic or advanced packages
  • Bespoke tagging thesaurus
Figure 76:


Video Storage

Most traditional DAMs won’t have the capacity to store large TVCs and video content: resulting in multiple storage platforms.

Collaboro is Australia’s only DAM service to convert your video to content ready versions before uploading it to the cloud. This means you not only have your video stored in the same cloud as your assets – but more importantly it’s in a format ready for you to access, share, modify and reuse.

  • Australia’s only DAM capable of storing big video
  • Video conversion
  • Single source platform
  • Re-use video content
  • Speed to market

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Figure 44:


User Permissions

Fragmented teams can lead to time delays and inconsistent marketing.

Access and permissions is a key pillar of the Collaboro platform. We tailor access and user rights by creating user groups that have relevant permissions for your varied stakeholder types and user base – administrators, suppliers, design etc.

  • Collaborate with external teams
  • Migrate agencies easily
  • Tailor access and user rights
  • Create bespoke reminder triggers
  • Manage copyright
  • Brand consistency (single source platform)

> CASESTUDY: User Permissions

Figure 64:

Relying on
clients to

Collection Service

Rounding up and tracking down assets is half the battle to keeping your content under control.

We are the only DAM Service in Australia to offer Enterprise Brands a Data Collection Service.

Our team collect from the source – the post house, the agency (wherever) and archive the project before converting it into content ready versions. Then we upload content to the Collaboro cloud platform where it’s ready for you to use and share.

We continue to engage with all creative partners on an ongoing basis, picking up hard drives and uploading content to the platform each time a campaign is complete.

  • Asset collection
  • Uploading and ingesting
  • Single source of Brand content
  • Engage with suppliers on an ongoing basis
Figure 11:



Traditional DAMs offer stand alone software with cloud access… Just another program to master and the cloud acts as little more than a server for your files.

Collaboro can be customised to integrate into your work flow software, meaning less interruption to your current systems and no extra software to learn.

  • Work flow integration
  • Reduce extra software

Collaboro integrates seamlessly into:

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Service & support

You’re based in Australia, so your files should be too. When something goes wrong – can your business afford to wait for a US based help desk to respond to your support ticket?

Collaboro provides you 24 hr/7 day support.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Australian based
  • Training and engagement
  • Ongoing service & on-site training
  • Digital migrations advice
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